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Unusual & Unique Watch Parts & Movements

Ocasionally, when we purchase a large lot of watch parts from a Watchmakers estate or auction, we come across some really unique items.

These range from movements I cannot find reference of to unusual books, publications or reference guides.

Rough or Unfinished Movement

I would confess to being a bit of a novice at all of this, but I feel I have learnt a great deal in the near 2 years I have had an interest in Horology. After all, it is my livelihood and I have had to learn fast, about a great many things!

I do have a tendency to want to collect rarer and more unusual pieces. I am particularly drawn to English pocket watch movements or the history and evolution of the industry over time.

It is on that note that I commit to this: I plan on posting on this blog pictures and information of the rarer and unusual finds that we come across. Most of these will not be for sale.

When you look back at the history of Watchmaking, so much information was lost over time. Many things that could have been committed to paper, or shared with others were never done so. It is my hope that at least what I find will be shared with everyone to see and to analyse.

The mind boggles to think of the wonders still out there, sitting in the collection of an individual. Kept secretly from others when we live in an age of being able to share so much with one another.

Examples of what I am talking about are:

  • Manuals, documents and reference books
  • Rough & Incomplete Movements and Parts
  • Documents and letters
  • Unusual movements that highlight developments or experimenting over time.

So please pop back occasionally, when I have some free time I will post images and write about these finds.

(I also post some finds and information on the NAWCC Forum)

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