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Contacting Us with Parts Requests

We have made the decision to no longer take requests looking for parts. I am hoping this rather lengthy article will explain why!
I did not simply want to stop people from contacting us, it isn’t very friendly.

I am happy to receive questions regarding active Ebay listings or items available for sale on this website.

The reason we can no longer take requests from people looking for parts is because it is incredibly time consuming. Literally, no exaggeration, in all the time myself and Laura have been doing this, we have only been able to satisfy a total of 3 orders for a “Have you got this” query out of an estimated 1800-2000 total requests.
You can imagine that receiving literally thousands of messages in a period of nearly 2 years asking to look for parts and it resulting in us dedicating a large chunk of our time to what then results in no luck for the customer is quite frustrating!

We sell many staffs and wheels in small lots on Ebay and we often receive messages from people asking to look for a specific sized part. Unless measurements are given in the listing, we are also unable to do this I am afraid.
For example, we receive a lot of requests looking for Cylinder staffs of a certain size. These requests are often accompanied by a drawing with very specific measurements on it.
I have, in the past, spent a great deal of time with a micrometer measuring hundreds of Cylinder staffs that we have looking for the precise one that the customer is after. I have been close in finding a match, but again, this has never resulted in anyone finding the part they were after.
This is a service we can no longer provide.

I did not want this to sound too negative, but we are a small family run business and we literally complete each function of this business.

It is important to note that most of the items we sell are movements. The most commonly asked questions about movements we get are: “Does it work” and “What size is it” – The answers to both these questions are always in the listing!

Once again, we are happy to receive general communication and questions regarding listed items and items that appear on this website, but can no longer take requests for part searching or specific sized parts.

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