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Sell Your Collection

We Buy Watchmakers Estates, Hobbyist Collections of Watches & Parts

Are you looking to sell a collection of watch parts, movements or horological items?

Perhaps you are a watchmaker who is looking to downsize or offload unwanted items.

You may be just a hobbyist who dabbles with watch repair in your spare time but don’t want to pursue this hobby any more.

Sadly, it is most often that a family member has passed who was involved in the watch repair industry.

Why chose us?

We are an honest, family run business and pride ourselves as such.

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If you contact us to sell your collection we will only be honest with you about the value of what you have.

Most of the stock that we acquire is purchased from auctions all across the world. We see quite often that prices fall far below what we would have paid to acquire a collection.
This is generally because the volume of items that auction houses sell is so large, they cannot possibly do a collection justice!
To go through every box, drawer and container to seek out, identify and research parts or movements often takes weeks and things get missed.

Some parts are genuinely not worth much at all and are only generally sold in bulk for repair practice or crafting purposes. But others can have a lot of value when identified, then sold on an individual basis over time.

What we do

Our process is quite simple but very time consuming, it is this work that most people looking to sell a collection wish to avoid:

  • A collection is acquired and we sort through this, this process can take days and weeks.
  • Using the knowledge we have of parts and manufacturers, we sort through the collection splitting it up into parts to sell on an individual basis and parts to sell as lots.
  • If being sold individually, parts can sit waiting to be sold for months or even years. Demand for parts varies but you rely on someone requiring a certain part to fix a certain movement at a certain moment in time in order to sell it.
  • Watches and movements are identified, sorted and then sold honestly – almost everything we have is “for repair, restoration or parts” – we identify faults so prospective buyers can purchase knowing which parts are usable or what work is required to get the piece running again.
  • We sell thousands of parts per year across the world.
    We are a registered UK LTD Company and pay VAT and Corporation Tax.

Contact Us

You can email Niall directly at

If you could also provide the following details about what you are selling to better assist in appraising the collection:

  • Some photographs of the collection, understandably there is frequently a great deal to photograph so wide shots of the collection and then some close ups of any drawers, containers or pieces of interest.
  • Your location
  • If you have a sale price for it, or a rough idea of what you want for the collection, please let us know.
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