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Bergeon 7812 Review – Quick Service Kit

I have owned the Bergeon Quick Service Kit for over a year now and frequently utilise the tools inside. In this review you will get a very detailed breakdown of the kits contents as well as its usefulness and performance.

What is inside the Bergeon 7812 Quick Service Kit?

The contents of the kit is actually very good and contains a total of 12 individual tools plus additional spare bits and pushers. The list of tools contained within the Bergeon 7812 (Click here to see on Ebay) kit is as follows:

2510-N Bergeon Flat Nose Pliers
7403 Bergeon Victorinox Watch Case Back Opener
6767-S Bergeon Springbar Pin Tool
6789-N Bergeon Bracelet Measuring Gauge
30081-160 Bergeon 160 Screwdriver
30081-100 Bergeon 100 Screwdriver
7026-00 Bergeon Stainless Steel Antimagnetic Tweezers
6460-P Bergeon Plastic Watch Battery Tweezers
2611-2.5 Bergeon Biconvex Watchmaker Loupe
7853 Bergeon Microfibre Cloths
7230 Bergeon Bracelet Pin Remover
2819 Mini Bergeon Watch Case Opening Tool
30080-TN Bergeon Set of Replacement Pins and Bits

When you see above what you can get inside the kit, it really makes it a good deal. The Bergeon 2819-Mini (Click here to see on price Ebay) Case opening tool alone costs circa half the price of the entire kit.

Who is this kit for?

If you are a watchmaker who is starting out or a hobbyist, then this kit is ideal for you. I would never recommend the use of chinese made tools and there are so many hundreds of kits that are flooding the global market now originating in China.

If you wish to have the ability to switch straps, remove case backs, change bracelet lengths, switch over bracelets, change batteries, carry out basic polishing, cleaning and service work then this kit is totally ideal.

It is particularly ideal if you are just starting out. There are also many watchmakers out there (I have encountered a number!) who collect any and every Bergeon tool that is brought to the market.
Why? Because Bergeon are a quality brand, the best and go to name for watchmakers who want to use high end tools.

Bergeon 7403 – Victorinox Case Opener

The kit is also fantastic for Jewelers who complete simple watchmaking tasks such as a battery change, strap replacement/adjustment or a quick and simple clean.
Most Jewelers offer a simple battery change service and this kit will give you everything you need to do the job well and professionally without the risk of damaging the watch with cheaper Chinese-made tools.

Pros of the Bergeon 7812

  • Good value for money – if the tools were bought individually it would cost more than the price of the kit.
  • Ideal to start out with basic repairs
  • Good for Jewelers to complete battery change, strap adjustment and strap swapping tasks
  • A very high quality reputable brand

Cons of the Bergeon 7812

  • You may not find yourself not needing every tool in the box. So far over the course of 12 months I use each tool quite often, but have never used the wrist measuring tool!
    The most useful tools are the case openers, tweezers and screwdrivers by far.
  • The case they come in is quite annoying to open and feels a little flimsy, although mine is still as good as the day I got it.

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