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Strixner, London, Mid 18th Century Repeater Verge Pocket Watch Movement


A superb and very rare early, circa 1760-1770 repeating verge pocket watch movement by Strixner, London.

Movement is 32mm in diameter, size typical of the period.

I am by no means an expert on repeaters and I cannot verify if every part is present, I would assume not as the dial is missing and I will do my best to describe this to the best of my ability.

Movement came to me about half wound, chain present and secure. Balance not rotating freely but doesn’t seem to have any play just very stiff, when you nudge the contrate wheel a little it will try and make the balance move.

There is a plunge push piece on the movement that I pressed three times only to test it (to avoid damaging the unserviced piece) and the repeating mechanism appears to be functioning, it runs through the motions and engages the gongs which would have hit parts within the missing case.

Movement is unnumbered and the dust cover is made of Silver.

A sublime antique piece and rare horological piece of history from around 250 years ago.

Please contact me if you have any further questions prior to purchase.

Servicing on this almost definitely required.

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