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Henry Haigh Liverpool Patent Fusee Pocket Watch Movement No 28


At first glance this looks like a regular pocket watch movement, but it is quite unusual.

Signed Henry Haigh, Liverpool. No 28. Balance cock signed Patent. Escapement appears to be a standard single roller.

The unusual element is the balance wheel which is very thick and heavy, made of steel.

You can get the balance to swing and when it does, it swings very slowly back and forth before becoming stuck again after a few swings.
Balance has a slight wobble to it, cannot ascertain if it is 100% good or not.

The whole piece needs a clean and restore, from a watchmakers collection and probably scrapped close to 100 years ago looking at the condition.

Fusee chain is present and secure. Meausres 35.8mm on the reverse and 39.3mm on the dial side (the dial and associated gears are missing)

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