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Hundreds of unique pieces

We are one of the biggest sellers on Ebay globally of old watch parts, movements, tools and other horological items of interest.

Wrist & Pocket Watch Movements

Movement Parts

Watches & Pocket Watches for Restoration

Working Wrist & Pocket Watches

We Buy Watchmakers & Hobbyists Collections

Looking to sell?

We sell vintage watches, parts, movements and are always seeking out collections to purchase.

Whether you are a watchmaker or a hobbyist, we would be interested in hearing from you and will communicate with you honestly about what you have.

About Us- Who Are We?

Our Story

We are a small family-run business who specialise in selling vintage watch parts, movements and watches.

The business started in 2018, completely by accident, and in the short time we have been involved with the industry we have become passionate about horological preservation.

Seeing ourselves as preservers, not dealers, is key to our business and we believe it is why thousands of customers from over 65 countries across the world trust us when making purchases.

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