Bergeon 7812 Review – Quick Service Kit

I have owned the Bergeon Quick Service Kit for over a year now and frequently utilise the tools inside. In this review you will get a very detailed breakdown of the kits contents as well as its usefulness and performance. What is inside the Bergeon 7812 Quick Service Kit? The contents of the kit is … Read more

Contacting Us with Parts Requests

We have made the decision to no longer take requests looking for parts. I am hoping this rather lengthy article will explain why!I did not simply want to stop people from contacting us, it isn’t very friendly. I am happy to receive questions regarding active Ebay listings or items available for sale on this website. … Read more

Unusual & Unique Watch Parts & Movements

Ocasionally, when we purchase a large lot of watch parts from a Watchmakers estate or auction, we come across some really unique items. These range from movements I cannot find reference of to unusual books, publications or reference guides. I would confess to being a bit of a novice at all of this, but I … Read more

Ronda Balance Staff Catalogue

The links below take you to scanned pages from the Ronda Balance Staff Catalogue. This handy document will help you determine which balance staff you need based on size or to double check before purchase. Most of the Ronda Balance staffs are available on this website or our Ebay store. Ronda Balance Staffs – Pages … Read more

Ronda Winding Stem Catalogue

The below links are for scans of the Ronda Winding Stem Catalogue. They are almost all available for purchase on this website. By using this handy resource, you can double check you have the correct part and size prior to purchase. Ronda Winding Stems Pages 1 – 10 (A – E AHO – Elgin) Ronda … Read more

DCN Winding Stem Catalogue

This Document contains scans of the DCN Winding Stem catalogue pages in order of DCN Stem number. The majority of all DCN Stems are available for sale on our website. You can use this handy guide to check sizes and calibres to make sure you have the right part. DCN Winding Stems Pages 1 – … Read more

DCN Balance Staff Catalogue

The below links contain scans of the DCN Balance Staff catalogue. The majority of these staffs are for sale on this website, you can use this document to double check sizes to ensure that you have the correct part. DCN Balance Staffs Pages 1 – 10 (DCN No. 1 – 365) DCN Balance Staffs Pages … Read more

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